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by Angela on September 13, 2013 · 0 comments

An important note from the Hollick brood — now 4 of us!

4 for the Road - coming soon!

We done did it. We became 4.

As if you couldn’t tell already — we are switching our blog name from 3 for the Road to 4 for the Road, and consequently our domain name to 4fortheroad.com.

However, I’m not sure if I can switch over email subscriptions.

Along the way I have lost the password to change the feed that emails you our stuff. And I have not a clue how to investigate at this point. Mommy brain in full effect. And please do not ask Mike to figure out tech stuff. We are doomed. Whoop-whoop! So…

TWO OPTIONS to keep up with the Hollicks:

1)  RE-SUBSCRIBE or SUBSCRIBE for the first time if you (still) want to receive our scintillating stories via email. ** Again, if you already get our posts on email, you must re-subscribe to continue receiving them.

2) LIKE our Facebook page to get these updates too, if you’re a regular on Facebook. And I know you are. Yes, I’m lookin’ at you, as you chuckle over another George Takei status.

I would say keep us with us on Twitter, but we’re not active enough on that channel yet to warrant any fireworks. Or even sparklers. What parent out there is finding time to tweet? Not us — sorry 🙁

We are thankful that you want to hear what we’re up to — we don’t want to lose you!

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