About Us

Photo by Christine Chardo.

We are a family of four, touring the United States and Canada with the cast of The Lion King. Traveling from city to city every month is our life, and we’d love to share our life stories with you.

We’re Angela and Mike Hollick, together since 2003. Originally from New York, we’ve had jobs performing, acting (notably as an evil lion and video game thug), writing, graphic designing, dancing, bartending, dating show hosting, teaching, sports reporting — and now, we have proudly added parenting, blogging, entreprenuering and adventuring to the resume!

The little guy is Maxwell Hollick, born a Vegas baby in 2010 and currently unemployed. He made a startling, theatrical entrance into the world, and his little sister Eva followed almost exactly three years after him, born on the road. Our lives have since been filled with even more unpredictability and joy.

We know we lead very unconventional lives, and every day, we are grateful. We’ve been able to work and live all around the world — Seoul, Athens, Manila, New York City, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and many other US cities.  We “settled down” (read: stayed for 2 years!) in Las Vegas so that Mike could perform with Disney’s The Lion King, and that’s when we had our son Max.

When Mike got the job offer to join the National Touring cast of The Lion King, we decided this was the perfect opportunity to show Max (and then Eva) the country, and through this blog, share our offbeat life with you.