The Great Orlando Escapade

by Mike on April 30, 2012 · 2 comments

Wow.  We are rounding out 2 weeks in Orlando and no posts. Why the silence? What happened to the Hollicks?

Let me explain.  We have been busy. Busy having fun!

You see, we are sharing a nice big house in Davenport, Florida, outside of Orlando with Nick Cordileone (Timon), his ten-year-old daughter Hero, and Rashada Dawan (Shenzi the Hyena) and her seven-year-old daughter Genesis.  We thought having three families under one roof would be fun for the kids, and would help us all to save money. With Nick, Rashada, and me away at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center for 8 shows a week, that leaves Ang in charge of the kids. It was a great unknown when we arranged the housing situation, and it has turned out to work just fine, but has left little time for blogging.

Plus, who wants to sit in front of a computer writing when we’ve got this pool?

The first night we arrived, we were all exhausted after driving the 10 hours from New Orleans, but we wanted to celebrate Hero’s 10th birthday out back in the humid and breezy Florida night air. Her grandmother Pam was there with us as well. She fed and organized us, like all good grandmas should.

The house is very much a vacation rental, located about 15 minutes from the Disney theme parks. Nick, Rashada and I have a long commute to the theater (about 30 minutes), but the three of us share the driving duties, and it’s nice to chat and decompress on the ride home. Then we’ll have a late snack around our kitchen table; often, we’ll watch YouTube videos like this one or this one and end the night in hysterics.

It seems like 99% of these Florida homes have outdoor pools; ours is a nice heated screen-enclosed one with a hot tub, which everyone’s been loving. The girls will stay in the water until they prune up, even Turkey our cat enjoys grabbing some rays, and Max has become quite the little fish at 21-months-old!

The girls are extremely active, and really love entertaining Max — check out the morning breakfast scene.

Genesis and Hero are two peas in a pod and play well, although they occasionally have their spats. Hero will help Gen out with homework, and both are conscientious about looking after Max.

Both Hero and Genesis are home-schooled by their parents, every day. Here, Rashada works with Gen in their makeshift work area in our living room.

Two weeks in the books, and we’re all intact and having a good time. It’s a full house — our entryway foyer can vouch for that!

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steve mccarthy May 1, 2012 at 4:17 am

What a fun house this seems like! Have a great time in Orlando, be sure to say hey to Mickey!


ANGELIQUE May 1, 2012 at 4:18 am



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