Go Eva, It’s Your Birth Day

September 19, 2013

Photo by Bellies to Babies.   I’ll admit it. Part of me secretly hoped Mike would show up for baby girl’s delivery heaving with sweat in his Pumbaa costume, perhaps with Nick (in Timon greenery, of course) in tow for good measure, with some backup singing, lamaze coaching, and general hilarity. Just for fairness sake! […]

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Houston’s Greatest Hits

September 11, 2012

The Hollicks’ Top Ten in Houston, TXAfter five weeks in Texas, I’ve learned my share of local idioms, so you shall see them respectfully peppered throughout this Best Of post in italics. And when I look back on how fit to be tied I was about the problems in our corporate apartment in Houston, I […]

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REAL survival tips for flying with a toddler

February 29, 2012

How To Be Less Hated Than Those Drunk Spring Breakers On Board As a first-time mom, I don’t claim much expertise in actual parenting, but I’ve traveled enough by air as a solo parent with my son Max to know that no one looks forward to a long plane flight with a toddler— unless you’re […]

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8 seconds to the boy next door

January 17, 2012

8 seconds. That’s the time it took to run full speed door to door, from 25 Tuscan Place to 21 Tuscan Place — but only if you cut through the row of evergreen trees that separated our properties, instead of going down my driveway and back up Danny’s. It was a familiar run across stone, […]

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On being a new dad

January 9, 2012

There’s no arguing that when you become a parent, your daily life changes.  But how much do you change? Intrinsically, are you the same person, just living under different circumstances, or are those circumstances groundbreaking enough to change the person you are? I know I am different. I worry more, I sleep less, and … […]

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Getting ready for a life on the road

December 3, 2011

We are going on a tour across the country. Won’t you join us? “Cool! Road trip!” you say. To that, we laugh.  This is no whirlwind stint; we are not stopping at rest stops, cheesing it up at touristy landmarks or shacking up at motor lodges, knowing that we’ll eventually make our way back home. […]

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