Detour: Aladdin and Violet on Broadway

October 7, 2014

Yeah, you saw this coming a million miles away: Max is a show-biz kid. This happens, of course, spending almost three years on the road with his actor Dad.  Watching The Lion King dress rehearsals countless times has made him an afficionado of the show, and last Halloween he even got to be the sinister […]

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Constructing a Disney Mini-Villain

May 22, 2014

When Max was 2, he told me he wanted to be The Lion King’s “Scar” for Halloween. Not just a sinister lion from the movie — no, that would be too easy. He wanted the Broadway version of Scar, “just like your costume, Dada.” Uhhhhh. Okay.  Of course, he told me this about 1 week […]

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Count those holiday blessings

December 31, 2012

Forgive us, friends. We’ve been so quiet on 3 For The Road. Actually, I know I must forgive me. I’m hard on myself; the hyper-critical, perfectionist part of me rues the day we thought to start a travel/theater/parenting blog while moving every month with a toddler and a cat, while being full-time parents. While simultaneously […]

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BACKSTAGE BANTER: A globe-trotting NALA…
Get to know Noku Khuzwayo

December 16, 2012

Noku Khuzwayo knows the universe works in mysterious ways. Noku as Nala, lurking around backstage But as lucky as she’s been to be in the right place at the right time, armed with natural talent, Noku still works just as hard as the next Broadway star. This Durban, South Africa native never thought she’d have […]

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Family dinner at home in Albuquerque

October 18, 2012

This is sort of a typical family dinner in our Albuquerque household. Usually post-show, around 10:30-11 pm, Nick, Conwell, Tony and I arrive home and fix a snack on our own to wind down. On this particular evening, Ang Top Chef’ed her way through our freezer and fridge and made a simple, delicious dinner of […]

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Another Pumbaa sighting

October 15, 2012

The life of a standby in The Lion King is feast or famine. Sometimes if an actor I’m covering gets injured or sick, I could be on for up to a few days while he recovers. But that hasn’t really happened in the past few months. I usually know about their vacations in advance and […]

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Actor Dionne Randolph as you’ve never seen him

September 28, 2012

You think you know the Big Daddy of the Pride Lands… but you don’t. Dionne Randolph is the longest continuous running Mufasa that Disney has employed, and at nine years with The Lion King, he is one of the most veteran on the Gazelle tour. The beefcake actor with the silky, heartbreaking voice who rescues […]

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BACKSTAGE BANTER: Rob Parks, ensemble singer & Simba/Ed understudy

August 8, 2012

Michigan native and opera-trained vocalist Rob Parks has performed with The Lion King Gazelle Tour for over 2 years, singing as part of the ensemble, ambling down the aisles as the Rhino, and understudying two principal roles: Simba and Ed the Hyena. Although he’s taken the stage as the young King of the Pridelands close […]

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Pumbaa in the hizzouse

August 6, 2012

This past week Ben Lipitz was on vacation, so I got to play Pumbaa and goof off with my good buddy Nick Cordileone (Timon) onstage and off. Nick took some cool shots of our day yesterday! Here are our costumes, ready for wear: During our down time and between shows on a two-show day, we […]

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Who’s your (Scar) Daddy?

July 30, 2012

Two years ago, my son met his dad for the first time in a most unconventional, dramatic way. Because Max decided to exit the womb almost 2 months early, he caught Mike flat-footed on Pride Rock. My water broke right before Mike was to take the stage as Scar in The Lion King at the […]

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