The Insta-Home Challenge: Omaha, NE

by Angela on March 18, 2013

We’ve bid adieu to the crippling, freezing temps of Detroit, and rolled into the equally bracing Omaha, Nebraska. But despite the cold, the Old Market neighborhood that we’re staying in is charming and hospitable, encouraging us to brave the elements and get out to explore.

Icicles begin to melt along an Old Market awning.

You know it must be really cute, as I see nothing remotely fun about hanging out in the cold. I abhor snow sports, as well as those trendy ice-themed bars and lounges where everything, including the furniture, is made of freakin’ ice and you have to borrow a parka to enter. Yeah, have a shot while I freeze my literal ass off through layers of jackets. Cheers.

This random photo features Asians in Korea freezing their buns off in the name of “hanging out.” Uh, no thanks!

Here’s our home for the next four weeks — a 1-bedroom furnished apartment in the Old Market Lofts on Jones Street. Kinda imposing, right?

Our actual abode on the sixth floor is anything but. We find it super cozy, warm and comfy! Industrial by definition and style, the loft features exposed brick walls and 16-foot ceilings, with exposed I-beams and rafters up above. I love having the desk space, on the left side. It’s where I’m writing this stellar, award-winning post from right now.

The windows are huge and light up the living room with the glare from the cloud cover outside.

Our bedroom stays pretty sunny since there is no window cover on the upper sunburst part…

… so we’ve stashed Max’s GoCrib in the corner and resorted to shrouding it with a blanket canopy when he naps during the day. It seems to do the trick. Still, a large walk-in closet would afford us more privacy, but we are not complaining! Max will have a few more opportunities to sleep in a closet before the baby arrives — I have planned ahead.

I found this place by contacting the leasing office of The Old Market Lofts directly (rather than a corporate housing company), and diligently following up throughout the past seven months, believe it or not.  In January, they finally let me know they had this furnished unit for available for our dates, and I was able to reserve it for a pretty good price of $1855 for the month. Mike walks to work in 10 minutes. Can’t really beat that.

The kitchen is fully functional — no frills, but everything works perfectly. The dishwasher is old-school but quite possibly the most powerful one we’ve had on the road, and the oven burns actually a bit too hot. We travel with our own toaster oven, which has proven invaluable for easily heating up Max’s frozen fish sticks and chicken nuggets, lickity-split.

We’ve got a sizable pantry with a space on the floor for Turkey’s grub.

Our bathroom is also pretty standard, and Max enjoys the baths he takes every other night. No tub jets here, but the water heats up in an instant and the showerhead pressure is strong and therapeutic.

The Cars potty has featured pretty predominantly so far in our stay — we have decided to start hard-core training in this city. I am determined to have him out of diapers by the time his sister is born in July. Max is two-and-a-half, and so far he seems lukewarm whenever we ask him to sit down on it. When we bring books in however, he’ll gladly sit and relax. When we offer him a prize for a successful pee or poop, he practically runs in there. Just for the record, it’s been about 3 days. No poo or pee in the pot yet. Patience, Tiger Mom, patience.

The stacked washer and dryer are tucked away in the bathroom, which I love. It’s so utterly convenient.

Our meals at the 4-seat dining table are consistently filled with pleas for Max to eat. He’s finicky, and not much of a veggie or fruit eater. What’s the threshold for scurvy?

Max wonders when we’ll stop harping about scurvy.

I’m hoping to post more on the blog as well as catch up on work-work starting this week, as Max begins daycare in the morning. At 21-weeks along in this pregnancy, I’m feeling kind of withered and lumbering and wholly unproductive and simultaneously pulled in so many directions — so sorry, friends, family and readers, for this less-than-scintillating post. I promise it’ll get better! (And to give you an idea of how “behind” I am with this blog, I still have posts from Wichita that I’m working on. Where we lived in September 2012. Six months ago.)

And with Aromas Coffeehouse and Bliss Bakery right in our building on the ground floor, I’m hoping to pack in the productivity and the poundage. These cinnamon buns are made fresh every single morning. Gotta use the prego card while I can carry it, right?

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