Rode hard and put away wet

by Angela on August 30, 2012 · 5 comments

There is a saying I learned while we were in Texas: Rode hard and put away wet. Back in the days when people rode horses and not Priuses, if you had ridden your horse hard, you had to let her cool down before stabling her, letting her drink water and walk the last mile. It was also customary to dry the sweat and moisture from her back. If you didn’t, well, you were a bad horse owner! Your horse would look haggard and unkempt. She was rode hard and put away wet. Which brings me to…

Remember when I was floating on top of the world two months back, taking CrossFit Reaction classes in Greenville, feeling fit and fantastic? GOODBYE SCHLUMPY MOMMA, HELLO NEW AND IMPROVED ANGELA! I shouted from The Lion King spouse mountaintop. We departed Greenville, and I joined a CrossFit as soon as we checked into Houston. I was on a roll.

Two weeks into Houston, I cashed my reality check.

(Photo is totally not me, but stock photography. Did I trick you?)

I woke up with a stiff, painful neck and a severely limited range of head motion. This was four weeks ago. It hurt to even get up out of bed. I iced my neck. I put heat on it. I had massage therapist friends work for hours on me.  I saw chiropractors, who cracked and adjusted me, hooked me up to pulsating electrostim machines and even placed me in a cervical traction machine to stretch my neck away from my body. Nothing worked.

I finally saw a doctor, who prescribed strong anti-inflammatory meds and told me to try to get an MRI in case it was a disc issue that was pinching a nerve. I started taking the meds and felt better within a few days. I haven’t gotten the MRI done since I’d have to head back to Nevada to get someone in-network to do it, and even with that, my insurance deductible is so ridiculously high that I’d still be paying the exorbitant amount for the MRI out of pocket.

(Again, stock photography. As if I’d give you evidence of my drug use.)

And during this whole month-long stretch, I did not — could not — work out. I was depressed, irritable and lethargic. Physical exertion consisted of slugging my 2-year-old around town (unavoidable, not enjoyable) and lifting a wine glass to my lips (better). My poor husband took the brunt of my frustrations. And it’s so true, what they say: if you don’t use it, you lose it.

So now, I’m finally feeling better, after taking the anti-inflammatories for over a week. I’m still a bit limited in the range of motion, and I do feel a few tweaks, but the pain has subsided. So what do I do?

I took a Crossfit class in St. Louis, down the street from us in the Central West End.

And I got my butt kicked. It was super-demoralizing. I emerged from this class feeling like I was rode hard and put away wet.

In Greenville and Houston, I was never the strongest or fastest person in my classes, but I certainly made sure I didn’t come in last. Imagine my chagrin after 1 month of inactivity, when yesterday I could barely do five pushups in a row without the Mike the trainer coming over to me and saying solemnly: “I cannot accept those. Your form is… terrible.”

Ego, deflated.

Um, this stock photo came up when I searched the keywords "Asian, female, stressed, tired." I can't tell you what else came up, as this is supposed to be a family blog.

It didn’t help that I was in class with five other very athletic women and men who basically trounced me in the workout. One of the women wore a t-shirt that read “Tri for a Healthy Life Triathlon 2012”. I commented that I liked its graphic design, and she said, “I like your t-shirt too. What’s that from?”

“The Hunger Games,” I replied weakly.

Getting back on that horse is especially hard when you are that horse. Feeling healthy and fit, especially while traveling, has been challenging. I welcome any tips and suggestions on how to do it!

(On a somewhat unrelated note, I learned another saying in Texas: Don’t squat with spurs on. ‘Nuff said.)

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Lion King Fanatic August 30, 2012 at 9:10 am

OMG Get better soon! I’m sure you are still more in shape than 95% of the women out there, mothers or not! BUt the neck’s not to be messed with, so take care and get that MRI! My best to all the Hollicks!


A NGELIQUW August 30, 2012 at 10:01 am



Sandra August 31, 2012 at 1:49 am

I’ve found that while traveling it just takes discipline, especially the diet part. I know it’s easier said than done but I know you can do it!


steve mccarthy August 30, 2012 at 10:44 am

A good rule I stick by while traveling for work is to exercise out at the exact same time during the day, no matter where I am. I schedule everything around it, including travel. That keeps me regimented. I also travel with a theraband which travels light and is very versatile. Hope this helps you Angela!


Ron August 30, 2012 at 4:29 pm

Have your pancreas check out if you feel nauseous, but given your exercise bouts, it seems not pancreatic: indeed you’d not be able to get out of bed, then.
Get well, soon!


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