Eva-lution: 13 thru 27 weeks

by Angela on February 6, 2014 · 0 comments

Ohmigosh, the babe is becoming a little gal!

Feast your eyes on Miss Eva Ling Hollick. We start this photo sequence below at roughly three months old. Is she turning into something else or what?

A few fun quirks that have emerged now that she’s almost seven months:

  1. She loves her brother, but he barely acknowledges her … yet he makes her laugh and squeal when he does.
  2. She pinches. Hard.  As in, your skin feels like it’s going to pull right off.  As in, she will bring you to your knees and not bat an eyelash. Not sure how she packs so much power in dem teeny little fingers, but you’ve been warned!
  3. She’s a cat-napper. She won’t sleep for more than 20 minutes when put down in her crib during the day. This has got to stop.
  4. You know she’s happiest when that tongue comes outta her mouth! She also has the twinkliest eyes I’ve ever seen on a human.
  5. She loves to be held. All the time. One would think that’s typical of most babies, but she is an extremely social creature and needs that touch. All the time.
  6. Her first solid food was poi, a Hawaiian dish made from fermented taro, which has been baked and pounded to a paste. She couldn’t get enough.

And if you missed weeks 1-12, they follow below after Week 27.

Here is Eva-lution weeks 1-12:

Eva with Pop-Pop at 1 week old

Eva at 2 weeks old

Eva at 3 weeks old

Eva at 4 weeks old

Eva at 5 weeks old

Eva at 6 weeks old

Eva at 7 weeks old

Eva at 8 weeks old

Eva at 9 weeks old

Eva at 10 weeks old

Eva at 11 weeks old

Eva at 12 weeks old

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