Yoga on the road

October 10, 2012

In a life where we bounce from city to city without a stable home base, yoga may just be my saving grace. I was first introduced to yoga as a freshman at Carnegie Mellon.  We had a half hour warmup class every day at 8am, and it included a simple sun salute.  It made me […]

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Keeper of the Plains — and Flames

September 25, 2012

Wichita has surely bewitched us. Hero, Max and I make a pilgrimage to the Keeper of the Plains every night. Is the Great Spirit calling us? The 44-foot tall Keeper of the Plains steel sculpture stands at the confluence of the Big and Little Arkansas Rivers, with hands raised in prayer to the Great Spirit. […]

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The Insta-Home Challenge: Wichita

September 13, 2012

If you were to splurge on a penthouse suite somewhere on tour, would you pick Wichita, Kansas? Ang has been “toiling away” (her words) at finding us affordable yet appropriate and comfortable housing as we travel from city to city. Wichita was evidently very difficult because of the lack of vacation rental listings in general. […]

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