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32 weeks pregnant: if it ain’t broke, break it

June 7, 2013

Really, Universe? A broken foot? Really? The Sunday evening began innocuously enough. The final Lion King curtain in Nashville came down, and I found myself in a melancholy state, dreading having to part ways with Mike the next day as Max and I would fly to Pennsylvania to spend the rest of my pregnancy with […]

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We ride, again!

August 14, 2012

Houston > Memphis > St. Louis: it’s like going from BBQ to BBQ to well, more BBQ. Are you surprised that we put our travel in terms we’re familiar with? After a hot five weeks, it was time to bid adieu to Houston and make our way to St. Louis, with an overnight pit stop […]

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Orlando’s Greatest Hits

June 15, 2012

The Hollicks’ Top Ten in Orlando, FLSince we arrived in Greenville, SC this week, I am officially two cities behind in posting our Top Ten for Orlando. The Type-A part of me is embarassed! And the other part of me is just relieved I didn’t black out for the entire time we were there. Orlando […]

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The Insta-Home Challenge: New Orleans

March 17, 2012

I feel like we’ve arrived in another country, and it’s invigorating. In New Orleans, the damp, dusty air makes me feel each breath into my lungs, and the faint but ubiquitous scent of meat and grease reminds me of the villages in Taiwan. The panoply of homes in vivid colors, sizes and uneven facades harkens […]

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REAL survival tips for flying with a toddler

February 29, 2012

How To Be Less Hated Than Those Drunk Spring Breakers On Board As a first-time mom, I don’t claim much expertise in actual parenting, but I’ve traveled enough by air as a solo parent with my son Max to know that no one looks forward to a long plane flight with a toddler— unless you’re […]

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