The Insta-Home Challenge: St. Louis

September 3, 2012

You’ve read about the most alarming part of living in St. Louis — the crime in our supposedly posh Central West End neighborhood.  Now for the not-so-bad-but-still-questionable part of our housing situation: our actual housing. I had found our 2 bedroom/1 bath apartment to split with the Cordileones on Airbnb, after zeroing in on the […]

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Shots fired, one block away — and Ang is on the news

August 24, 2012

During my junior year at Duke, I took a Statistics course that was a requirement as part of my Public Policy degree. I bombed it horribly. Numbers were just never my bag. But I do know enough about probability to expect that our luck with housing on the road with The Lion King was going […]

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