Go Eva, It’s Your Birth Day

September 19, 2013

Photo by Bellies to Babies.   I’ll admit it. Part of me secretly hoped Mike would show up for baby girl’s delivery heaving with sweat in his Pumbaa costume, perhaps with Nick (in Timon greenery, of course) in tow for good measure, with some backup singing, lamaze coaching, and general hilarity. Just for fairness sake! […]

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(Baby) Showering Us with Love

August 13, 2013

Often, people are incredulous that we travel full-time, as a family, on tour with The Lion King. What a logistical nightmare, they say. Where do you live? How do the kids go to school? Where do you call home? Does it ever get lonely? No, we say. We travel with plenty of people who are […]

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And baby makes four

July 23, 2013

Let’s give a warm round of applause to Eva Ling Hollick, born July 13, 2013 at 8:10 pm in Hershey, Pennsylvania. She already has us wrapped around her little finger. More details to come… Photo by Jackie Price, Bellies to Babies Birth Services. You might also like:Detour: The Food on the Farm in Abiquiu, NMDetour: […]

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Building the baby belly, week by week

June 26, 2013

Whooo-hooozzzzzzzz. That’s the sound of me rounding into the home stretch of pregnancy — excited but exhausted. Friends, I’m at 36 weeks now and Baby Girl’s still inside! High five! Now I have to lie down. In order to avoid another premature birth plus theatrics during labor and delivery (as comical as that was for […]

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32 weeks pregnant: if it ain’t broke, break it

June 7, 2013

Really, Universe? A broken foot? Really? The Sunday evening began innocuously enough. The final Lion King curtain in Nashville came down, and I found myself in a melancholy state, dreading having to part ways with Mike the next day as Max and I would fly to Pennsylvania to spend the rest of my pregnancy with […]

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20 weeks pregnant: Into the 4th dimension

March 21, 2013

So, little baby lady was featured in a motion picture already — a 4D Ultrasound (or 4D Live Motion Imaging), more precisely! Here’s where you shake you head and mutter, “Technology, technology, technology…” This stuff will blow your mind. 4D is a continuous 3D scanning of the baby, so you see it move in real […]

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18 weeks pregnant: Pickles and Parking in Detroit

March 3, 2013

After several days of hibernation and ennui in our luxe Detroit condo due to freezing temperatures, wind and snowfall, I finally worked up enough interest in the outside world for an afternoon out — to run some errands in Allen Park’s expansive shopping center. I started with a Beach Club Hero at Jimmy John’s, then […]

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We’re gonna have to change the name of this blog

January 12, 2013

The Hollicks are starting the new year off with a bang. Yes, yes, yes — you can believe your eyes. We are having a baby! Max is going to be a big brother and we will be chugging along as Four For the Road (plus a cat). It’s mind-boggling, and…so very exciting. Our family is […]

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