New Orleans

Pit stops: Mobile, AL and Breaux Bridge, LA

July 17, 2012

To get through the 16+ hour car journey from Greenville, SC to Houston, TX, we had to make a few pit stops along the way.  Both Max and Turkey were fairly miserable on the first leg, since we shoved off around 5 pm and the nighttime darkness frustrated the toddler and banished the cat to […]

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New Orleans’ Greatest Hits

April 20, 2012

The Hollicks’ Top Ten in New Orleans, LA What is it they say — veni, vedi, veci? We came, we saw, we conquered New Orleans. No, wait, I stand corrected: New Orleans conquered us. Mike and I have been joking that there’s a secret voodoo additive in the Creole and Cajun food here that makes […]

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The way to a cast’s heart is through their stomach

April 14, 2012

You all know by now just how bowled over we are with the food in the restaurants here in the Big Easy. But when Creole and Cajun cuisine is made for you personally, from scratch, with love, it’s truly overwhelming. A few weekends ago, the entire Lion King cast and crew got a special surprise […]

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Can acting save the world?

April 13, 2012

Teaching a master class at NOCCA I love what I do. I realize I am so very fortunate. Acting is my chosen career, something that I have essentially committed my life to. I never take it for granted, but sometimes I lose perspective of the fact that this is a very unique lifestyle. You get […]

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What’s a standby to do? Hakuna Matata!

April 7, 2012

This week has been unusual for me, as I was called on to perform as Scar on Wednesday and then yesterday, on for Pumbaa. Typically, I sit pretty in the dressing room throughout the show, “on-call” for both roles. But honestly, it’s not that often I get the call. While it’s in my job description […]

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The many adjectives of Zazu

April 5, 2012

One of our favorite people on our tour with The Lion King is Mark David Kaplan, who plays Zazu. Not only is he as sweet as can be offstage, he’s severely talented, and kills it every night onstage. You should also know that today is his birthday, so we will celebrate Mark, with adjectives! About […]

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Kermit Ruffins and Dr. Bob

March 31, 2012

Who dat in a praline bacon-induced coma? We dat. Oh, we daaaaaat. New Orleans has been truly dizzying. For the first time, we actually feel like we’re on more of a vacation than on a tour with The Lion King — there is so much to see, to eat, to do, to explore, to eat. […]

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St. Patty’s Day Parade in New Orleans

March 31, 2012

I didn’t have one single green piece of clothing for this St. Patrick’s Day revelry in our Bywater neighborhood! Bad Irish lass! Max and Mike were able to represent though. Don’t call me a party pooper — I still made it out, in all my mama glory. This local parade through our neighborhood and the […]

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Scar makes an appearance

March 25, 2012

Yesterday I was so excited. Why? The New Orleans Roadfood Festival! As if there wasn’t cause enough to eat myself silly, like last week. In the French Market, there were food stands offering Mint Juleps, Crawfish Cakes, Boudin Links, Soft Shell Crab Po-Boys, Grilled Oysters, Bread Pudding. All of which I ate, starting at 11 […]

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A Culinary Dream State

March 21, 2012

New Orleans, Week 1It’s just our first week here in New Orleans, and I feel like I’m in some kind of culinary dream state. The food is rich — there is no way around that. But it digests well and makes me feel like I’m floating. For me, food is an event and I think […]

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