Houston’s Greatest Hits

September 11, 2012

The Hollicks’ Top Ten in Houston, TXAfter five weeks in Texas, I’ve learned my share of local idioms, so you shall see them respectfully peppered throughout this Best Of post in italics. And when I look back on how fit to be tied I was about the problems in our corporate apartment in Houston, I […]

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Rode hard and put away wet

August 30, 2012

There is a saying I learned while we were in Texas: Rode hard and put away wet. Back in the days when people rode horses and not Priuses, if you had ridden your horse hard, you had to let her cool down before stabling her, letting her drink water and walk the last mile. It […]

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The Insta-Home Challenge: Houston

July 18, 2012

For being the FOURTH most populous city in the United States (behind NYC, LA and Chi-town), it blows my mind that it was so difficult to find housing in Houston. And I started looking back in April. I mean, there are over two million people living in this Texas metropolis. We will be there in […]

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Pit stops: Mobile, AL and Breaux Bridge, LA

July 17, 2012

To get through the 16+ hour car journey from Greenville, SC to Houston, TX, we had to make a few pit stops along the way.  Both Max and Turkey were fairly miserable on the first leg, since we shoved off around 5 pm and the nighttime darkness frustrated the toddler and banished the cat to […]

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