On Father’s Day, to the big guy I call Dada

June 16, 2013

From Angela: Here is what I think Max would say to Mike on this Father’s Day 2013. Just a mother’s interpretation, mind you, and probably one of the last times I can get away with speaking for my already very verbal kid. So I must grab it! 🙂   Hi Dada! For Father’s Day, I […]

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As American as baseball and melodramatic crying

July 7, 2012

Hoooo boy! It’s been hawt here in Greenville, SC this past month. A heat wave scorched the area with temps in the 100s for a solid week, and if you take this simmering sunshine, heap on a generous helping of humidity, and … sprinkle on some parmesan, well you have the makings of a delicious […]

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