August 2012

Rode hard and put away wet

August 30, 2012

There is a saying I learned while we were in Texas: Rode hard and put away wet. Back in the days when people rode horses and not Priuses, if you had ridden your horse hard, you had to let her cool down before stabling her, letting her drink water and walk the last mile. It […]

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Shots fired, one block away — and Ang is on the news

August 24, 2012

During my junior year at Duke, I took a Statistics course that was a requirement as part of my Public Policy degree. I bombed it horribly. Numbers were just never my bag. But I do know enough about probability to expect that our luck with housing on the road with The Lion King was going […]

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We ride, again!

August 14, 2012

Houston > Memphis > St. Louis: it’s like going from BBQ to BBQ to well, more BBQ. Are you surprised that we put our travel in terms we’re familiar with? After a hot five weeks, it was time to bid adieu to Houston and make our way to St. Louis, with an overnight pit stop […]

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BACKSTAGE BANTER: Rob Parks, ensemble singer & Simba/Ed understudy

August 8, 2012

Michigan native and opera-trained vocalist Rob Parks has performed with The Lion King Gazelle Tour for over 2 years, singing as part of the ensemble, ambling down the aisles as the Rhino, and understudying two principal roles: Simba and Ed the Hyena. Although he’s taken the stage as the young King of the Pridelands close […]

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Pumbaa in the hizzouse

August 6, 2012

This past week Ben Lipitz was on vacation, so I got to play Pumbaa and goof off with my good buddy Nick Cordileone (Timon) onstage and off. Nick took some cool shots of our day yesterday! Here are our costumes, ready for wear: During our down time and between shows on a two-show day, we […]

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