June 2012

The sky is falling!

June 22, 2012

Remember in our previous Insta-home: Greenville post, we rejoiced at the safe, plush apartment we snagged — in dire contrast to our non-kid-friendly Miami predicament? In fact, I think Mike used the term “non-lethal” to describe our home here in South Carolina. Well, we take that back. We had a Phantom of the Opera moment […]

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Every day is Father’s Day

June 18, 2012

…but today we eat a little moreFather’s Day was celebrated yesterday with two of the coolest dads on the planet – Mr. Mike Hollick and Mr. Nick Cordileone! And we celebrated in the best way the Hollicks know how: we ate until we couldn’t breathe. We hit Soby’s special buffet brunch in downtown Greenville for […]

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The Insta-home Challenge: Greenville, SC

June 17, 2012

Great ExpectationsOne of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned recently on the road is to keep your expectations in check. For instance, I had never been to Miami before but heard how fun and glamorous it was, and I had never even heard of Greenville. So which do you think I was psyched to visit […]

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Orlando’s Greatest Hits

June 15, 2012

The Hollicks’ Top Ten in Orlando, FLSince we arrived in Greenville, SC this week, I am officially two cities behind in posting our Top Ten for Orlando. The Type-A part of me is embarassed! And the other part of me is just relieved I didn’t black out for the entire time we were there. Orlando […]

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Fish in the water

June 9, 2012

Our son is a fish. We always knew he was intrepid in the water, which is why we enrolled him in swim classes at 13-months-old. But Max actually enjoys his time underwater, and we would have never known the extent if our friend Nick Cordileone hadn’t recorded him with his iPhone underwater. Here, he’s counting […]

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