February 2012

REAL survival tips for flying with a toddler

February 29, 2012

How To Be Less Hated Than Those Drunk Spring Breakers On Board As a first-time mom, I don’t claim much expertise in actual parenting, but I’ve traveled enough by air as a solo parent with my son Max to know that no one looks forward to a long plane flight with a toddler— unless you’re […]

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Lions and hyenas and giraffes — oh my!

February 24, 2012

What do you get when you take some Lion King cast members to the Metro Richmond Zoo on a gorgeous 70 degree February day? Rashada Dawan (she plays Shenzi the hyena) finds this giraffe a little too forward. And yes, that is a tongue going for her cup!  Her daughter Genesis is running up to […]

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Richmond’s Opening Night Party at Pasture

February 18, 2012

Stop the presses! Mama got to go out! Hooray! After The Lion King’s opening night performance at Richmond’s Landmark Theater, the local CBS station threw a party for the cast and crew at Pasture, a trendy Southern/Soul Food restaurant located downtown on Grace Street. Our good friend Theresa, who was the ensemble dance captain back […]

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The Richmond Dress Rehearsal

February 16, 2012

It is always a challenge to open an elaborate show like The Lion King in a new city every month.  For instance, after the show wrapped in Minneapolis on Sunday, the cast, crew and costumes had just 2-3 days to reach the next city — and some drove the long 1,200 miles to Richmond, Virginia. […]

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Valentine’s Day with TWO guys, in Richmond, VA!

February 15, 2012

We are reunited! After one tough month of being apart, Mike flew from Minneapolis to Richmond with the cast and crew of The Lion King; Max and I also took two flights across the country from San Francisco to Richmond (via a short layover in Dallas/Fort Worth) and fell into the arms of Da-Da at […]

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Roaring with the AGAPE kids in Minneapolis

February 7, 2012

Mondays are The Lion King’s “dark” days, our one valuable day off each week. I spent my past Monday taking some wonderful kids to the zoo — but in my version of the zoo, they were the animals! My castmate Rashada Dawan, who plays Shenzi, asked Syndee Winters (Nala) and myself to work with the […]

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Turkey & Jerry: The Odd Couple

February 5, 2012

Most who know us well understand how crazy we are about our cat Turkey. You won’t meet many cats like him — he’s surprisingly outgoing and über-affectionate.  Not at all “cat-like”. More like a dog!  And… cue the eye-rolls from the dog lovers. After rescuing him as a sickly runt from a rough Brooklyn animal […]

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Girl, look at that body… I work out

February 3, 2012

Apparently, Ang has been fielding a lot of concerned inquiries as to my general state of health.  Hmmm. I guess the impression from my last few posts is that I have been eating out in Minneapolis…a lot. Indulging in charcuterie, pasta, ribs, and a 5-lb platter of Polish sausage seems excessive, right? Have I gained […]

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Skyping with Dada and Elmo

February 2, 2012

We’re rounding Week Five of our initial tour separation. While we make it doable, it’s always sad and exhausting to be apart. Mike scurried off to Minneapolis to join the Lion King tour after the Vegas production closed at the end of the year, and Max and I packed up the yellow bungalow on Rainbow […]

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